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PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie

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About PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie

PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie is a 2023 Canadian animated superhero comedy film based on the television series PAW Patrol created by Keith Chapman. The sequel to PAW Patrol: The Movie (2021), it was directed by Cal Brunker, who co-wrote the screenplay with Bob Barlen from a story by Brunker, Barlen, and Shane Morris. Several cast members from the TV series lent their voices to the film, including Christian Corrao (voicing Marshall), Luxton Handspiker (voicing Rubble), Callum Shoniker (voicing Rocky), and Ron Pardo (voicing both Cap'n Turbot and Mayor Humdinger). They are joined by an ensemble voice cast including Mckenna Grace (voicing Skye), Taraji P. Henson, Marsai Martin, Christian Convery (voicing Chase), Kim Kardashian, Chris Rock, Lil Rel Howery, Serena Williams, North West, Saint West, James Marsden, Kristen Bell, and introducing Finn Lee-Epp in his film debut as Ryder. In the film, the PAW Patrol pups gain superpowers from the pups' crystals and must stop Mayor Humdinger and his new accomplice Victoria Vance from wreaking havoc in Adventure City.

The film was produced by Spin Master Entertainment and was distributed in Canada by Elevation Pictures while Paramount Pictures (under the Nickelodeon Movies banner) handled international distribution. It is the second film under the Spin Master Entertainment banner. Plans for a sequel began in August 2021 when Brunker stated that he was interested in making a sequel after its predecessor's success. Work on the film began when it was officially greenlit by Spin Master in November 2021, with a planned October 13, 2023 release date before being pushed forward to a September 2023 release, with Brunker returning to direct. The film features elements from the Mighty Pups sub-theme of the main show. Mikros Image in Montreal returned to provide computer-animation, while the musical score was composed by Pinar Toprak, replacing Heitor Pereira from the first film. Much of the main voice cast was announced in January 2023, following Henson's casting in May 2022.

PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie was released in Canada and the United States on September 29, 2023, to generally positive reviews from critics. The film was also a financial success, grossing over $194 million worldwide, against a production budget of $30 million. A third film is in development and scheduled to be released in 2026.


Two years after saving Adventure City from Mayor Humdinger,[a] the PAW Patrol pups led by Ryder help to protect the citizens, though the smallest team member, Skye feels like she has been unappreciated and hopes to prove herself.

One day, meteor expert Victoria Vance steals a giant electromagnet from a scrapyard owned by Hank and Janet and sets the scrapyard ablaze. Janet calls the PAW Patrol for help, who subsequently extinguish the fire. Later that evening, the citizens of Adventure City, along with news reporter Sam Stringer, gather outside the PAW Patrol's headquarters as they wait for a meteor shower. In the abandoned observatory, Vance uses the stolen electromagnet to create her latest invention: the Meteor Magnet, which she he uses to snatch a magical meteor. However, the attempt backfires, causing the meteor to head straight for Adventure City. Ryder and the PAW Patrol notice this and immediately warn the citizens before the meteor crash-lands, destroying their headquarters in the process. The PAW Patrol take the meteor to the Aircraft Carrier HQ to analyze it. That night, Skye is awoken by a strange glow emitting from the meteor. The meteor cracks open, revealing seven crystals contained inside, one of which attaches to Skye's pup tag, granting her the power of flight and super strength. Likewise, the rest of the pups gain their own powers with the exception of Liberty, who is assigned by Ryder to train the Junior Patrollers, while the other members of the PAW Patrol are out saving Adventure City from various mishaps.

After Vance ends up arrested for her actions from the meteor incident, she escapes along with Mayor Humdinger and the Kitten Catastrophe Crew to steal the crystals. They sneak over to an airport where they find and board Humdinger's private airplane. During the flight, they set a trap by destroying one of the plane's engines and calling the PAW Patrol afterwards. Skye engages Vance, Humdinger and the kittens in a battle, but ends up losing her crystal to the gang. They quickly parachute out, leaving Skye trapped in the plane as it loses control. With the airport too far away, Ryder has the pups clear Main Street to make a runway for Skye. Once there, she lands the plane for a rough landing. Distraught over losing her crystal, Skye reveals to Chase that she was born the runt of the litter, unable to get her share of food, never picked by potential families, and left alone in a drafty winter barn. She nearly froze to death in the snow but was found and cared for by Ryder. One night, Skye decides to take the pups' crystals to attempt to retrieve her crystal. However, she becomes trapped in a force field, allowing Vance to steal the rest of the crystals. Upon waking up and discovering the crystals missing, the PAW Patrol fight against Humdinger, who has used one of the crystals to grow into a giant. Delores almost gets stepped on by Humdinger but is saved by Liberty. Thanks to the Junior Patrollers' intervention, Marshall retrieves one of the crystals from Humdinger.

The PAW Patrol arrive at Vance's observatory. The Junior Patrollers distract her by pretending to be scouts as Zuma frees Skye from captivity. The pups fight her by passing one crystal from pup to pup. Amidst the battle, Chase falls off a cliff but is saved by Liberty, who finds her power to be elasticity. The pups manage to defeat Vance, destroy the Meteor Magnet, and get all the crystals back. When more meteors head straight for Adventure City due to Vance having used the Meteor Magnet again previously, the pups give their crystals to Skye. Skye flies into the air and destroys the meteors. When a huge meteor heads straight for Adventure City, she goes in for one final burst of strength, managing to destroy the meteor before it hits Adventure City. However, the impact knocks Skye unconscious, and she falls into the ocean, but is revived by the power of the crystals. The PAW Patrol along with the Junior Patrol congratulate Skye for her heroism. Mayor Humdinger and Vance are arrested again while Ryder and the PAW Patrol continue to live their lives in Adventure City.

Voice cast

Mckenna Grace as Skye, a heartening 7-year-old cockapoo is the main protagonist of the movie who serves as the team's aviator with her Mighty Pup power of flight and super strength. Grace replaces Lilly Bartlam from the series and the first film.
Taraji P. Henson as Victoria "Vee" Vance, a meteor expert who collaborates with Mayor Humdinger.
Marsai Martin as Liberty, a spirited long-haired dachshund who served as a member of the PAW Patrol in Adventure City and the mentor of the Junior Patrollers with her Mighty Pup power of elasticity. Martin reprises her role from the first film.
Christian Convery as Chase, an independent 7-year-old German shepherd who served as a police pup with his Mighty Pup power of super speed. Convery replaces Luke Dietz from the series and Iain Armitage from the first film.
Ron Pardo as:
Mayor Humdinger, the PAW Patrol's arch-nemesis from Foggy Bottom and ex-mayor of Adventure City who escapes from prison and teams up with Victoria Vance.
Cap'n Turbot, an animal expert and one of the PAW Patrol's friends and most frequent callers.
Lil Rel Howery as Sam Stringer, a news reporter for Adventure City News Network.
Trevor McDonald voices Sam in the UK dub of the film.
Kim Kardashian as Delores, a sassy poodle who keeps on working in an animal shelter. Kardashian reprises her role from the first film.
Chris Rock as the Kitten Catastrophe Crew's version of Rubble who speaks after gaining a meteor crystal on his tag.
Serena Williams as Yoga Yvette, a yoga instructor
Alan Kim as Nano, a Pomeranian who is one of the Junior Patrollers.
North West as Mini, a Pomeranian who is one of the Junior Patrollers.
Brice Gonzalez as Tot, a Pomeranian who is one of the Junior Patrollers.
Saint West as Meteor Man
James Marsden as Hank, the owner of J & H Metal Scrapyard and Janet's husband.
Kristen Bell as Janet, the co-owner of J & H Metal Scrapyard and Hank's wife who takes care of a pet goldfish named Bruce.
Finn Lee-Epp as Ryder, a 10-year-old boy who served as the leader of the PAW Patrol. Lee-Epp replaces Kai Harris from the series and Will Brisbin from the first film.
Christian Corrao as Marshall, a cuddly 6-year-old Dalmatian who served as a firefighting pup with his Mighty Pup power of fireballs. Corrao replaces Kingsley Marshall from both the series and the first movie, as well as reprising his role from the series.
Luxton Handspiker as Rubble, a wisecracking 5-year-old bulldog who served as a construction pup with his Mighty Pup power of a wrecking ball. Handspiker reprises his role from the show Rubble & Crew and previously voiced Rex from the Dino Rescue sub-series in Season 7 and replaces Keegan Hedley from both the series and the first film, and Lucien Duncan-Reid from the series.
Nylan Parthipan as Zuma, an energetic 5-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever, who served as the aquatic rescue pup, with his Mighty Pup power of turning his body into water. Parthipan previously voiced Al from the Big Truck Pups sub-series and replaces Shayle Simons from both the series and the first film, and Jordan Mazeral from the series.
Callum Shoniker as Rocky, a clever 6-year-old Mixed-breed who served as the team's recycling and handyman pup, with his Mighty Pup power of magnetism. Shoniker reprises his role from the first film.
Kim Roberts as Mayor Goodway, the Mayor of Adventure Bay.
Dan Duran as a radio announcer
Sugith Varughese as a prison guard
Josh Graham as the computer voice that is heard in the PAW Patrol's vehicles and mobile carrier.
Neil Crone as Tony, the proprietor of his self-titled grocery store.
Roman Kemp voices Tony in the UK dub of the film.
Monique Alvarez as Carmen, a worker at Tony's grocery store.
Stephanie Belding as a computer voice