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The requin (2022)

The requin (2022)

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About The Requin

The Requin (released as From Below in the UK) is a 2022 American horror thriller film written and directed by Le-Van Kiet. Stranded at sea after a massive tropical storm, a woman and her injured husband fight for survival as great white sharks circle below.

Starring Alicia Silverstone and James Tupper, the film was released to video on demand on January 28, 2022. The title, pronounced /ˈrɛkwɪn/ REK-win, is an archaic name for the great white shark or requiem shark, derived from French requin ("shark")

The Requin

Title and Year of Release

"The Requin," released in 2021, is a film that might not have garnered widespread attention but presents an engaging narrative worth exploring. The title, derived from the French word for 'shark,' sets the stage for a story where the aquatic predator plays a pivotal role.


Helmed by Le-Van Kiet, a director known for his intense, psychologically charged narratives, "The Requin" aligns with his directorial ethos. Kiet's approach to filmmaking often revolves around creating an immersive and emotionally intense experience, which is evident in this film.

Genre of the Film

The movie is a blend of thriller and survival drama, genres that are adept at creating suspense and exploring human resilience under extreme conditions. These genres are particularly effective in "The Requin" as they accentuate the fear and unpredictability of being stranded in the middle of the ocean.

Plot and Themes of "The Requin"

Plot Overview

The Requin

Set against a backdrop of serene tropical beauty, "The Requin" swiftly transforms into a tale of terror and survival. The film follows Jaelyn and Kyle, a couple seeking a peaceful vacation in a stunning seaside villa.

Their idyllic retreat, however, is catastrophically upended when a violent storm hits, tearing their villa from its foundations and casting it into the open ocean. This sudden twist leaves them adrift on the wreckage, miles from the shore, with limited resources and no means of communication.

As they struggle to survive, the couple's plight intensifies with the presence of a menacing shark – the 'requin.' The film then delves into a gripping narrative of survival, focusing on the couple's attempts to withstand the elements, fend off the shark, and maintain hope in the face of despair.


  1. Survival Against Nature: Central to "The Requin" is the theme of survival. The movie portrays nature as a formidable, unpredictable force, capable of changing lives in an instant. The storm and the subsequent struggle on the open sea depict nature not just as a backdrop but as a dynamic character that challenges the protagonists at every turn.

  2. Human Resilience and Adaptability: The film excels in showcasing human resilience. Jaelyn and Kyle's fight for survival highlights the incredible adaptability and endurance of the human spirit. Their journey is a testament to the will to live, even in the most dire circumstances.

  3. Fear and Psychological Struggle: Alongside physical survival, the film delves into the psychological aspect of being stranded. The constant fear of the shark, the uncertainty of rescue, and the isolation exacerbate their mental anguish. This psychological battle is as central to the film as the physical one.

  4. Relationship Dynamics Under Duress: The extremity of the situation brings the couple’s relationship into sharp focus. Their interaction under stress reveals the complexities of their bond, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. The film explores how extreme circumstances can strain or strengthen relationships, providing an in-depth look at the emotional and psychological interplay between characters in crisis.

  5. Nature as an Indifferent Force: "The Requin" subtly touches on the theme of nature’s indifference. The ocean, the storm, and the shark are not malevolent; they are simply part of the natural world, operating without regard for human suffering. This theme brings a philosophical depth to the film, inviting reflections on humanity's place in the natural order.

  6. The Notion of Hope and Despair: The fluctuating dynamics of hope and despair play a crucial role in the narrative. The couple's moments of hope, driven by their will to survive, contrast sharply with the despair of their seemingly hopeless situation. This interplay adds a layer of emotional complexity to the film, engaging the audience in the characters' emotional journey.

  7. Isolation and Vulnerability: The film also explores themes of isolation and vulnerability. Being stranded in the middle of the ocean, the characters are stripped of all societal constructs and support systems, leaving them to face their primal fears alone. This aspect of the plot emphasizes the rawness of their human experience.

  8. Strength in Adversity: Another significant theme is finding strength in adversity. Jaelyn, in particular, embodies this theme as her character evolves, revealing inner strengths that even she might not have been aware of. The film portrays how extreme situations can catalyze personal growth and resilience.


The Requin

In essence, "The Requin" is more than a simple tale of survival; it's a multifaceted exploration of human nature, relationships, and resilience. The plot skillfully intertwines these themes, presenting a narrative that is as much about psychological endurance as it is about physical survival.

The film challenges the audience to consider their own responses to extreme situations and reflects on the profound capabilities and complexities of the human spirit. The interplay of fear, hope, and the instinct for survival makes "The Requin" a compelling and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

Cinematography and Visual Effects

The cinematography in "The Requin" plays a crucial role in creating the film's tense atmosphere. The camera work captures the vastness and isolation of the open sea, juxtaposing the beauty of the natural world with the protagonists' peril.

The Requin

However, the film’s visual effects, especially regarding the shark, have been a point of contention. While they serve their purpose in driving the narrative, they occasionally lack the realism that modern audiences might expect.

Character Development

Character development is a strong point in "The Requin." Jaelyn emerges as a resilient figure, showcasing a complex blend of vulnerability and strength. Her character arc is well-developed, offering insights into how individuals can find inner strength in the face of dire circumstances.

Kyle's character provides a contrast to Jaelyn, adding to the film's emotional and psychological depth. The evolution of their relationship under extreme stress forms a critical component of the narrative, adding layers to the survival theme.

The Requin


In conclusion, "The Requin" is a compelling film that combines elements of thriller and survival drama to explore themes of human resilience and the instinct for survival. While it has its drawbacks in pacing and some aspects of visual effects, the film's strengths lie in its character development, cinematography, and the way it maintains suspense and emotional intensity.

The Requin

Directed by Le-Van Kiet, it's a testament to his ability to create a gripping narrative that delves into the depths of human psychology. For audiences interested in intense, character-driven survival stories, "The Requin" offers a tense and engaging experience.