The ice age adventures of Buck Wild (2022) - 4K quality

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The ice age adventures of Buck Wild (2022) - 4K quality

The ice age adventures of Buck Wild (2022)

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The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is a 2022 animated adventure comedy film directed by John C. Donkin, in his feature directorial debut, with a screenplay by Jim Hecht, Ray DeLaurentis, and William Schifrin. It is a spin-off film of the Ice Age franchise, and serves as the sixth overall installment in the franchise.

The ice age adventures of Buck Wild

The film stars the voices of Simon Pegg (the only previous cast member to return), Vincent Tong, Aaron Harris, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Justina Machado also starring in the film. It follows the two opossum brothers Crash and Eddie and their adventure to becoming independent possums alongside the titular character Buck Wild.

Originally planned to be a television series, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild was redeveloped into a feature-length film. Produced by 20th Century Animation[1] and released under the Walt Disney Pictures label, it was released on January 28, 2022, as a Disney+ original film.

The film received generally negative reviews from critics who felt that it had a lack of primary focus on the titular character, and criticized the recasting of voice actors, animation quality, the absence of Scrat, and lack of involvement from Blue Sky Studios.

Director: John C. Donkin

John C. Donkin, who has been involved with the "Ice Age" franchise since its inception, took the helm as director for this installment. Having previously served in various production capacities for the earlier films, Donkin's deep familiarity with the series' universe is evident in the way he guides this new story. His direction ensures that the film remains true to the spirit of the series while introducing new elements and characters.

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

"The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild" is primarily an animated adventure-comedy. It continues the franchise's legacy of combining humor, heartwarming storytelling, and thrilling escapades. The film is designed to appeal to both children and adults, with its vibrant animation, lively characters, and a narrative that includes both light-hearted fun and deeper messages.

The ice age adventures of Buck Wild

The Plot

A man named Mario comes home, having just sold his bingo hall. Seemingly in a daze...he dances around to the tune of classic Spanish music playing on vinyl. He begins speaking to himself, and then a picture of his dead wife Patricia about the sale.

He says he can fulfill his promise of leaving "this place". He puts down a suitcase of money, and begins to greedily eat a serving tray full of bingo balls. An ominous voice coaxes him on, until he chokes to death.

An elderly woman named Lupita walks around Oak Springs one morning and meets up with her friend Clarence (who owns an auto repair shop).

Lupita then goes to see her hairdresser, Yolanda, whose electricity is being fixed by Morris. Morris is not able to fix it because he says he doesn't have the right tools and leaves.

The ice age adventures of Buck Wild

Cut to Dolores, who is mad at her daughter-in-law Raquel for not providing proper discipline for her grandson who has been breaking into cars and getting away with whatever he wants. She is also angry at the daughter-in-law for not doing her part and being irresponsible around the house after moving in when her husband died.

Dolores then goes to Yolanda's and meets up with Lupita who is already there. They have a discussion about Caleb, and Lupita brings up the similarities with Dolores's son who has died and takes issue to it.

After an awkward silence, Lupita apologizes and Dolores accepts begrudgingly before Lupita leaves. Lupita goes to a bingo game at the local bingo hall, but they finish up when they realize Mario has not paid his electricity bills.

The next day, Lupita and her friends find flyers around town saying that the bingo hall is under new management. Lupita, Morris, Clancy, Dolores and Yolanda decide to take a look at it and realize that the bingo hall has been transformed into a casino. While there, Dolores spots Raquel, who wins ten thousand dollars from the owner, Mr. Big.

The ice age adventures of Buck Wild

The next morning, Caleb and Dolores find that Raquel left them with her money. Raquel arrives at a motel, where she begins to rip off the straps of a dress.

However, standing behind her is Mr. Big, who makes her hallucinate it while in reality she is using her fingernails to rip off her flesh. Lupita breaks into Mario's house and finds his corpse, before realizing that she hallucinated it.

They go back to the bingo hall, and this time Clarence wins one hundred thousand dollars. That night, Clarence parties by himself next to his car, drinking a bottle of beer, not realizing that he is actually drinking motor oil.

He then sticks his arm into a car motor, violently shredding it and eventually killing him, not seeing the shadow of Mr. Big inside the car.

Lupita finds Clarence's body and sees Morris talking to Mr. Big, who gives him a stamp on his hand which begins to disintegrate. Lupita realizes the entire Oak Springs have been lured into the bingo hall, and heads there with her shotgun and with Eric.

Caleb tries to break in, blaming the place for his mom's disappearance, but Eric catches him and chases him inside. Mr. Big confronts him and then makes Eric stab himself in the neck with a poisoned syringe, before killing him by stomping on his skull.

The ice age adventures of Buck Wild

Lupita tries to get the residents to leave but Mr. Big begins to crush her head against a podium, before Caleb shoots him in the back. Lupita destroys the TV and the residents attack Mr. Big, brutally beating him, until Lupita cracks open his head with the butt of her shotgun. Caleb sets fire to the money and they escape, leaving Mr. Big to burn.

Cinematography and Visuals

While "The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild" is a direct-to-streaming release, the animation quality upholds the standard set by its cinematic predecessors. The visual presentation is vibrant and colorful, capturing the prehistoric setting's vastness and variety.

The character designs remain consistent with the franchise's style, with a few creative additions in the form of new dinosaur species and environments.

The film's animation team successfully brings the underground world to life, with imaginative landscapes that provide a fresh backdrop for the characters' adventures. The action sequences are well-executed, maintaining a sense of excitement and fun that is key to the series.

Characters and Performances

The ice age adventures of Buck Wild

The film sees the return of fan-favorite characters alongside new faces. Crash and Eddie, voiced by Seann William Scott and Josh Peck, bring their usual energy and humor. Simon Pegg's Buck Wild steals the show with his quirky personality and heroics.

The new characters, particularly the villainous Orson, add interesting dynamics to the story. The voice acting is strong across the board, with each actor bringing their character to life in a way that is both engaging and fitting within the "Ice Age" universe.

Themes and Message

"The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild" touches on themes familiar to the franchise, such as the importance of family, friendship, and courage in the face of danger. The film also delves into the idea of finding one's purpose and the value of independence, as seen through Crash and Eddie's journey.

While the film is primarily aimed at a younger audience, its themes are universal, allowing viewers of all ages to find something relatable and inspiring in the story.

Reception and Impact

The ice age adventures of Buck Wild

Upon its release, "The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild" received mixed reviews. Critics praised its animation and voice performances but noted that the story might not hold the same depth or originality as some of the earlier entries in the series. However, for fans of the franchise and younger audiences, the film was a welcome addition, providing a new adventure with beloved characters.


"The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild" is a fun and lively addition to the "Ice Age" saga. It offers a blend of humor, adventure, and heart that has become the series' hallmark. While it might not reach the heights of some of its predecessors, the film provides an enjoyable experience for fans of the franchise and young viewers.

John C. Donkin's direction ensures that the spirit of "Ice Age" lives on, capturing the charm and excitement that have made the series a staple in the animated film genre.