Bright: Samurai soul - 2021

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Bright: Samurai soul - 2021

Bright: Samurai soul - 2021

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About Bright: Samurai Soul

Bright: Samurai Soul is a 2021 anime film spin-off of Bright directed by Kyōhei Ishiguro from a script by Michiko Yokote and starring the voices of Yūki Nomura, Daisuke Hirakawa, Shion Wakayama, Miyavi, Maaya Sakamoto, Kenjiro Tsuda, Chafurin, Mamoru Miyano, and Kenichi Suzumura while the English dub consists of Simu Liu, Fred Mancuso, Yuzu Harada, Matt Yang King, Victoria Grace, Keone Young, and Paul Nakauchi. The film was released by Netflix on October 12, 2021.

Bright: Samurai Soul


"Bright: Samurai Soul" is directed by Kyohei Ishiguro, known for his work in the anime industry, particularly for directing the critically acclaimed "Your Lie in April."

In "Bright: Samurai Soul," Ishiguro brings his unique sensibilities to the world of anime, blending traditional Japanese themes with a modern fantasy twist. The film is a spin-off of the 2017 live-action film "Bright," directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith.

Bright: Samurai Soul

Ishiguro’s approach to "Bright: Samurai Soul" is marked by a distinct visual style that combines traditional 2D animation with 3D CGI techniques.

His direction captures the essence of classic samurai tales while incorporating fantastical elements that align with the universe established in the original "Bright" film.

Ishiguro’s storytelling is dynamic, focusing on action sequences while also delving into the deeper emotional and philosophical aspects of the narrative.

Genre of the Film 

"Bright: Samurai Soul" is an animated action-fantasy film with strong elements of historical drama. Set in the late Edo period of Japan, the film blends historical and samurai themes with fantasy and magical elements.

This genre fusion allows for a creative narrative that combines swordplay and samurai honor with a fantastical world where orcs, elves, and humans coexist.

Bright: Samurai Soul

The action-fantasy aspect is central to the film, featuring intense sword fights and magical battles. The historical drama element adds a layer of depth, as the film touches upon themes relevant to the samurai era, such as duty, honor, and the clash between traditional values and modernization.

Plot and Themes  

The story of "Bright: Samurai Soul" revolves around Izo, a ronin (masterless samurai), and Raiden, an orc, who become unlikely allies. The pair are tasked with transporting a young elf girl and a wand she carries to the land of the elves in the north.

The wand is sought after by various factions, leading to conflicts that test the protagonists' skills and resolve.

Bright: Samurai Soul

The film explores themes of redemption and the search for purpose, particularly through the character of Izo, who seeks to atone for his past. The theme of unlikely alliances and overcoming prejudice is also prominent, as the characters must learn to trust each other despite their differences.

Additionally, the film touches upon themes of power and the responsibility that comes with it, as represented by the wand's magical abilities.

Cinematography and Visual Effects 

The cinematography in "Bright: Samurai Soul" is a blend of traditional animation and 3D CGI, creating a visually unique and stylized look. The animation style pays homage to classic samurai films with its composition and framing, while also incorporating modern visual effects that enhance the fantastical elements of the story.

Bright: Samurai Soul

The visual effects are particularly notable in the depiction of magical powers and action sequences. The blend of 2D and 3D animation techniques creates a dynamic visual experience, bringing the film's action and magical elements to life in a vivid and engaging manner.

Character Development  

Character development is a significant aspect of "Bright: Samurai Soul." Izo, the ronin, is portrayed as a complex character with a troubled past, seeking redemption through his actions. His journey from a disillusioned samurai to a protector showcases his growth and the rekindling of his samurai values.

Bright: Samurai Soul

Raiden, the orc, adds depth to the narrative with his own backstory and motivations. The development of his relationship with Izo reflects the film’s themes of camaraderie and overcoming biases. The young elf girl serves as the catalyst for the characters' journey, challenging their beliefs and bringing them together.


The voice cast of "Bright: Samurai Soul" brings life to the animated characters with their performances. While specific casting details may vary depending on the language version (original Japanese or English dub), the actors deliver performances that capture the essence and emotional depth of their characters.


"Bright: Samurai Soul" is a creative and visually engaging film that offers a unique blend of samurai action and fantasy. Director Kyohei Ishiguro’s vision brings together elements of traditional Japanese storytelling with modern animation techniques, creating a film that is both familiar and fresh.

The film’s exploration of themes such as redemption, alliance, and the struggle for power is woven seamlessly into its action-packed narrative.

The innovative use of animation and the depth of character development make "Bright: Samurai Soul" a noteworthy addition to the genre of animated action-fantasy films.

Bright: Samurai Soul

In conclusion, "Bright: Samurai Soul" stands out for its distinctive style and compelling storytelling, offering an entertaining and thought-provoking experience that expands the universe established by the original "Bright" film. It is a testament to the creative possibilities of animation in bringing together diverse genres and themes.